Bijan Arceo

"Bijan is a strong communicator. He is an easy approachable person that possesses many important social skills." - G. Kojima

My name is Bijan Arceo. Born in Riverside, I grew up in southern California. My family was a very active one where sports were practiced every week and played every weekend. At a young age I had many aspirations to help others, although, I had no idea how. After years of soul searching, I came to realize that I am an Entrepreneur, seeking new ventures, places, opportunities, investments, relationships and wonders. I genuinely care about humanity and working one on one with people, which is why the next step in my path is a career in Real Estate. With a background in Hospitality, Sales and Finance I believe I am a great candidate to assist anybody in buying or selling their home. I am understanding, patient and an active listener. Above all, I am motivated and determined to help others find their dream home, second home or even a property for long or short-term investment purposes.

Something I often remind myself: "Everything is exactly as it is meant to be"- Unknown


Veronica T.

Bijan is a strong communicator. He is an easy approachable person that possesses many important social skills. His common sense is a reflection of his attention to detail and analytical skills. Bijan is a friendly, caring person that attacks every situation with ambition that leads to success. He gives you his full attention and will help you in anyway he can.

G. Kojima

Bijan is extremely dedicated to the broad idea of helping others. When working towards a goal, he becomes focused and has a unique ability to develop creative ideas under pressure. Without qualification, he is someone you want in your corner.

Victoria M.

Hard working & dedicated are mere words. Bijan is the manifestation of both of those words and more. Good, honest and full of integrity. A young man who is passionate about good things happening for good people. The energy and enthusiasm he contributes to the people and the community around him is glorious to witness. Bijan goes beyond commitment as an exercise. He lives and breathes it. Bijan works to contribute to the good for all involved. He is the type of man, the type of human being we all need to work with/have in our life. It has been our families great honor to know Bijan